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3.5x 34cm working distance

If you can't see it,you can't work on it!Higher magnification for advanced surgical procedures.

Keeler Prismatic loupes offer magnifications of 3.5x,4.5x and 5.5x in 3 working distances.

Keeler Prismatic loupes are higher magnification with prismaticoptics,guaranteeing edge to edge clarity and precise colour rendition.

Keeler Prismatic loupes are laser aligned and treated with anti reflective coating to produce a superior image.


  • Superb Quality
  • Available with Keeler Frames and K-LED
  • Available on Headband
  • High Magnification
  • Laser Aligned Optics
  • 3 Working Distances
  • Anti Reflective Coating


Price: 1,136.00


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Product Code: 2113-P-2004
Ships: 4-5 days


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3.5x 34cm working distance

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