Visiometrics HD Analyzer

Fast and comprehensive for front-end decision making.

20/20 visual acuity does not guarantee vision quality. Only the HD Analyzer measures total optical quality, accounting for light scatter caused by pathologies like early cataracts and tear film instability. Wavefront aberrometers overestimate patient optical quality because they assume clear optics—ignoring scatter.

The HD Analyzer measures the Objective Scatter Index (OSI) of each patient, offering the only complete and objective measurement of vision quality available today. Measuring scatter from early lens changes and asymptomatic dry eye disease is the key to great premium outcomes and happy patients.

Differences in the Objective Scatter Index (OSI) for a patient can result in 20/20 vision that remains blurry. Even a flawlessly performed surgery can result in a 20/unhappy outcome if you don’t screen for scatter from the lens and tear film ahead of time. The HD Analyzer is the only diagnostic tool that can pre-diagnose the subtle, forward light scatter that affects surgical outcomes for cataract and refractive patients

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