Professional Streak Retinoscope

Quality Retinoscope for the Ophthalmic Professional


There are those that love Streak and those that love Spot. The Keeler Professional Combi offers the best of both worlds.

The unique optical design provides the first truly bimodal Retinoscope with just a quick bulb change. A true streak or spot - no compromises.

The Professional Retinoscope is practical and professional, giving access to a range of advanced features geared towards the Ophthalmic Professional.

Available with a 2.8V or 3.6V Bulb or LED Illumination.

2.8V models accept AA Batteries. 3.6V models accept rechargeable 3.6V Lithium Battery, charger sold separately.

Optical Excellence, Manufactured in the UK




  • Professional Retinoscope with Streak Bulb or LED Illumination

  • Handle

  • Eyebrow Extension

  • Spare Streak Bulb (Bulb Models Only)

  • Instructions CD

  • Protective case

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery (3.6V Models Only)

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Professional Streak Retinoscope
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2.8V Bulb Professional Streak Retinoscope
3.6V Bulb Professional Streak Retinoscope
2.8V LED Professional Streak Retinoscope
3.6V LED Professional Streak Retinoscope
  • Choice of Brow Rests to accommodate glasses wearers.
  • Patented Neutralisation Check:
  • Allowing rapid confirmation of neutralisation by changing the beam from divergent to convergent.
  • Patented Precision Magnetic Control:
  • 360 degree access to a single rotational and convergence control.
  • Two aperture choices:
  • 4mm to optimise brightness of retinal flex.
  • 1.7mm to optimise resolution of retinal flex.
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