Keeler 100 Our Story

The story of Keeler began in the twentieth century during the First World War and is one of innovation, foresight and enterprise.

When Charles Davis Keeler (CDK) set sail from Philadelphia in 1906 to start up the Standard Optical Company in London with his wife, daughter and two-year old son, Charles Henry, he could not have imaged the company he would go on to pioneer.

But one thing is certain, from humble beginnings rooted in a strong family tradition, Keeler has evolved and grown for a century to become a global success in the design, manufacture and sale of ophthalmic and medical instruments.

A feisty company, Keeler has always punched above its weight and has overcome many obstacles in its long history.

Seventy years of being family-owned – and with the presence of a member of the family for almost the entire one hundred years – has left an indelible mark on the Keeler of today.

Its enduring brand is a valuable company asset Medical professionals worldwide recognise and trust Keeler instruments for their quality, durability, reliability and integrity.

Today, Keeler is a strong contributor to its parent company, Halma plc and is proud to have been the first company in its medical stable. Halma itself, is one of the most admired organisations in the UK and is a global force in protecting people’s lives and improving their quality of life.

Keeler Timeline