Slit Lamps

100 years of innovation has allowed Keeler to develop some of the best optics on the market, resulting in striking clarity and precision with the KSL optical performance.

With A Century of Reliability, we understand how important the Slit Lamp is to your practice. You rely on it to provide accurate diagnostic and examination results day in and day out, so failure is simply not an option.

With the KSL, you can be assured that our exceptional attention to detail will ensure optimum performance and reliability time after time, and with our manufacturing on-site our technical assistance team and service is easily accessible.

Make it Your Own

At Keeler, we want to make sure you have options to configure your slit lamp exactly how you would like it, so we let you do just that. From Slit Lamp style to magnifications, digital capabilities, and accessories, you have the freedom and flexibility to customize your Slit Lamp to fit your needs, since the only one who knows exactly what you need is you.

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