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Not only are we offering 10% off of the Cryomatic MKII but we are also including a free cryo cart to put it on. This is only available for a limited time.


24" black tray
5 legged low center of gravity base
Centered verticle support column with silver metallic finish
3" neoprene caster (2 locking)
Large tank holder
Top tray with wrap around handle
Cord wrap on pole
Foot switch holster and brackets

Experience premium servicing and enhance your knowledge in Terrassa, Barcelona


  • Service your ultrasound, cryo systems & probes with ease
  • Enhance your skills and product knowledge


Our European facility based in c/Colum 453 D50, 08223 Terrassa, Barcelona is already established as a service centre for ultrasound equipment, but now we've successfully added cryo surgical systems and probes to our service offering! This centre will support our customers in EU countries within Europe.

Following a significant investment in the building, equipment and team, the centre also boasts a new, dedicated training area for partners, distributors, and end users.

We want this new facility to extend beyond a centre for eye care services, instead creating a hub that actively supports and integrates with the local community. 


Engaging and collaborative training

Discover a combination of theoretical and practical sessions

Keeler’s Regional Specialists will provide crucial training across two spaces: one for theoretical and educational aspects and the other fully equipped with Keeler's portfolio of medical devices and presentation equipment for practical training. These training sessions led by Keeler’s industry professionals will offer refresher courses on device usage and maintenance, as well as sharing vital information on new products. 

The inclusive nature of our training elements will contribute to a skilled and knowledgeable network, fostering long-term partnerships whilst encouraging collaborative learning and engagement. 

High quality, efficient servicing

European repairs and calibration on ultrasound and cryo products

Our new facility will provide comprehensive services including repairs and calibration. We've also incorporated cutting-edge cryo and ultrasound technologies into our services, guaranteeing the highest standards of care utilising technologies developed by our UK centre for enhanced precision and efficiency.  These services align with Keeler’s dedication to innovation in eye care, promising to deliver professional, quality, agile, and rapid responses to customers' needs.

This development will bring multiple benefits to our European customers including reduced repair times on cryo and ultrasound products by up to 70%, the removal of complex import processes and delays, reduced delivery times on fast moving parts and a smoother transactional process. 

Don't just take our word for it

Hear what our customers have to say:


They have been really fast with our repairs and the new approach with extended repair warranty policy is an asset. They have made me happy and proud of their new approach!”

Dr. Valentina Mihalte of


“We are very happy with Keeler's technical service in Spain as they are fast and we speak the same language so it´s easy to contact them. We have previously encountered problems with equipment detained in customs for weeks and even months, but the repair times are significantly lower than servicing in England. The pricing is also very fair and we can send equipment for repair from one day to the next with a very low price”. 

Pablo Barrio Viloria, Technical Sales Director at AJL Ophthalmic



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Keeler Cryomatic MKII console

30+ years of cryo surgery expertise and innovation


Probe type is automatically adjusted for easy set up
Automatic purge cycle, pressure adjustment, and temperature regulation
Intuitive easy-to-use software
Rapid freeze and quick defrost
Back-flush functionality removes debris and moisture
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