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Keeler respects your right to privacy and will process personal information you provide only in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) and other applicable privacy laws. This Privacy Notice defines the data we collect when you interact with us and how that data is used and protected.

By using Keeler’s websites and visiting its web pages, you agree to this Privacy Notice.

What is Personal Data?

Personal data means any data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (also known as a 'data subject'). This includes information such as your real name, address, telephone number and date of birth.

Why does Keeler collect data?

Keeler collects personal data for the following reasons:

  1. To provide you with information you have requested or which we think may be relevant to a subject in which you have demonstrated an interest.
  2. To initiate and complete commercial transactions with you, or the entity that you represent, for the sale of products and/or services.
  3. To fulfil a contract that we have entered with you or with the entity you represent.
  4. To provide security and a smooth browsing experience when you visit our websites.

When we ask for personal data we will keep to the law, including the General Data Protection Regulations, and we will:

  1. Make sure you know why we need it.
  2. Only ask for the information we need.
  3. Protect it and ensure nobody has access to it who should not have access.
  4. Only share it with other trusted organizations to fulfil our obligations to you; we will not share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes.
  5. Make sure we do not keep it for longer than is necessary.

 Lawful basis

This section describes the data we collect, the reasons for doing so and the applicable GDPR lawful basis.

  1. Name, address, email address, telephone number and bank account details.
    1. To process commercial transactions / contractual performance
    2. For accounting and taxation purposes / statutory obligation
    3. Should a contractual dispute arise / legitimate interest
  2. Payment card data (account number, cardholder name, service code, expiration) that is shared with PCI compliant payment card companies.
    1. To fulfil purchase requests using payment cards / contractual performance 
  3. Name, company name, address, email address and telephone number.
    1. To provide information about products and services you have requested / contractual performance.
    2. To provide further, related information and ongoing news updates in relation to the identified area of interest / legitimate interest
  4. Personal contact information provided through website forms, trade shows or any other means.
    1. General mailing list subscription / consent 
  5. The IP address of your device, the type of browser you are using, your computer operating system, the source of your visit to our site, the web pages you visit and the date and duration of your visit. More information on usage of cookies is given below.
    1. To provide security, to track traffic flows and to make our websites easier for you to use / legitimate interest

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files commonly used by websites. Cookies enable us to store information related to your device and you, the user, specifically, while you visit one of our websites. Cookies help us to determine how frequently our internet pages are accessed as well as the number of users. They help us configure the content and offers so that they are convenient and relevant.

Session cookies are used to optimize our website to provide a seamless experience. These cookies are stored for the duration of your visit to our internet pages only. They are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Persistent cookies are used to retain information about those visitors who access our internet pages more often. The purpose of using persistent cookies is so that we can provide the best possible user experience, as well as to ‘recognize’ you to present new content.

Data minimisation

We will ensure that personal data we request is adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it is processed.


We will take reasonable steps to ensure your personal data is accurate and kept up to date.

Rights of individuals

We ensure that individuals have the following rights in relation to their personal data: right to be informed; right of access; right to rectification; right to erasure; right to restriction; right to data portability; right to object and the right to withdraw consent. We don’t use personal data to undertake automated decision making and profiling. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).


  1. We ensure that personal data is stored securely using modern software and, when stored on paper, in locked drawers or filing cabinets.
  2. We limit access to personal data to personnel who need access and appropriate security is in place to avoid unauthorised sharing of information.
  3. When personal data is deleted this is done safely such that the data is irrecoverable.
  4. Appropriate back-up and disaster recovery solutions are in place to restore data in the event this is necessary.

We take the necessary organizational and technical security measures to protect personal data loss and misuse. We ensure data is saved in a secure operating environment which is not accessible to the public. Personal data is encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) during transmission.

Whilst communicating with us via email, it should be noted that the confidentiality of the content of those emails sent cannot be guaranteed. The contents of e-mail messages can be read by third parties. We, therefore, recommend you send us confidential information only by post.


In the event of a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data, we will promptly assess the risk to your rights and freedoms and if appropriate report this breach to the ICO.

Special category data

Some of our products store health data, which under GDPR is particularly sensitive personal data. We ensure a valid reason under GDPR Article 9 exists for the processing of this data and we ensure it is protected.

Changes to Privacy Notice

At any time and without prior notice, Keeler reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy. It is recommended you frequently visit and read this Privacy Notice to ensure you are informed of any changes.

Further information

Keeler is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Further information is available by contacting our Data Protection Officer at:

Data Protection Officer
Keeler Ltd
Clewer Hill Road


If you wish to remove your details from our mailing/client list or simply wish to view what data we have on you or your company, please contact us directlybr.

Privacy Policy Update

This Privacy Policy was updated on 20th December 2020.

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