Volk G4 Goniolaser 28.5mm (NF) - VG4LNF

The standard fluid design (flanged glass contact element) provides a stable platform during laser treatment of anterior segment.

The NF (no fluid) design features a small 8.4mm radius contact surfaces that's ideal for both static and dynamic gonioscopy while eliminating the need for viscous interface solutions such asmethylcellulose. Four NF models are available, including: small handheld (25.5mm diameter), large hand held (29mm diameter), 2-in1 handle.

All 3 NF models share the same high quality imaging element. Choose the model that you are most comfortable using.

Each reflecting surface incorporates a high efficiency vacuum deposited mirror coating, double over coated with silicone dioxide and catalyzed polyurethane polymer to provide the ultimate in protection.


  • 4x64° field of view
  • 1.0x laser spot
  • 1.0x image mag
  • 8.4mm contact diameter
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  • G-4 Gonio NF lens
  • Protective case
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