Volk Super 66 Lens - VS66

The Super 66™ Stereo Fundus Lens is specifically designed for high resolution/high magnification viewing of the central retina.

Its enhanced 3-D stereoscopic design enables discernment of subtle macular and optic disc detail, making it ideal for detecting changes related to choroidal neovascular membranes, macular edema, serous detachments and other macular abnormalities.

It is excellent for evaluating neo vascularization of the disc andoptic nerve head contour in glaucomatous patients. Volk's exclusive Double Aspheric design provides an expansive 96° dynamic field of view.

The Volk Super 66™ has been specially designed for non-critical lens positioning - with ease of use and working distance comparable to that of the 78D lens but with higher resolution, image clarity and enhanced depth perception.


  • Super66™ lens
  • Protective case
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  • 80°/96° field of view
  • 1.0x laser spot
  • 1.0x image mag
  • 11mm working distance
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