Volk Super VitreoFundus Lens - VSVF

Ideally suited as your primary care retinal scanning lens.

Volk's Super VitreoFundus provides ultra wide-field viewing and outstanding small pupil ability for quick and comprehensive fundus exams at the Slit Lamp.

It has been specifically designed to provide a wide field of view through small pupils without the hassle and steep learning curve of typical small pupil lenses. Delivering an incredible 124 degree dynamic field of view with ample .57x magnification.

Volk exclusive HI/LD glass ensures high resolution images - even with Slit Lamp settings of 25x and above.


  • Volk Super VitreoFundus lens
  • Protective Case
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  • 103/124 degree field of view
  • 1.75x laser spot
  • .57x image mag
  • 4-5mm working distance
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